Google Shared Drive: Harness Your Teams’ Productivity

Google Shared Drive: Harness Your Teams’ Productivity

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Want to truly harness your team’s full productivity potential? I would recommend investigating Google Workspace’s collaborative apps; Shared Drive in particular. I’ve saved you some time with this ultra quick read.

Google Shared Drive (formerly known as Team Drive) is a shared storage drive. All team or business members can create and store files within the Shared Drive and files can be personal and private or shared with the entire team. It’s easy to set up team drives for all the departments in your organization such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT, etc. and your teams are able to access all relevant training materials, resources, and project files quickly, collaborating in real-time rather than emailing different versions of the same files back and forth.

Team-Based Features

Equal File Sharing Rules: Everyone in the Shared Drive can see the same content.
Team-Based File OwnershipAny files stored in the Shared Drive are then considered owned by the team, and not under specific ownership of one person. This allows all documents to be developed. 
Easy to Add New Members: It is quick and easy to add new members in Shared Drive. 
External Sharing: External users can also be added to the Shared Drive. The contributions of external users is no different from regular additions to the Shared Drive. Anything contributed by external users is owned by the Shared Drive.
Easy Document Access: Access by all members is quick and easy. New users can be added in seconds and have access to all files immediately.
“Quick Access” File Searching: The Team Drive has a “Quick Access” feature that helps to find files quickly. This feature uses algorithms to identify documents, analyze trending topics.

To learn more about how Google Shared Drive can benefit your business, contact our Google experts:

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Does your company have the best tools to optimize remote work?

Does your company have the best tools to optimize remote work?

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The way we work is rapidly changing. During this crisis, many companies have realized the benefits of remote work and are considering continuing with it for a substantial part of their workforce even after the crisis wanes.

Remote work is the new normal and it’s critical that businesses and organizations have the right tools in place to enable their remote teams to be collaborative and productive.

Not all remote tools are created equal. Most legacy systems aren’t built to teams connect and collaborate in real time.

Google Workspace offers a seamlessly integrated workspace, providing robustly secure video conferencing and modern collaboration. Improve communication, share content with confidence, stay organized and collaborate within and outside of teams and departments.

Human interaction takes place in Google Workspace video conference calls and also in real time collaboration on a document, chat, spreadsheet, or presentation; before, during and after meetings. Connecting face to face through Google Meet is integral to keeping employees engaged regardless of distance. Google Workspace helps companies foster a more connected and productive culture, bringing teams closer together during these unpredictable times. 

Navigate change by transforming your company through Google Workspace

Migrating to Google Workspace is a risk free endeavour. The expert team at Premier Cloud can have your organization up and running in a short period of time.

Let our team of experts at Premier Cloud help you navigate and innovate through the new normal, wherever you are on your cloud journey. We’ll assist you in determining the best long term strategy for your teams, clients and communities. 

To speak with one of our Google experts, email us

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Google Workspace Hacks for Small Businesses

Google Workspace Hacks for Small Businesses

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Google Workspace can improve workflows, collaboration and security. There are many useful features that the average Google Workspace user is unaware of.

This quick-read is designed to help you leverage the full capabilities of Google Workspace’s productivity apps with these helpful tips!

Google Workspace Marketplace
Google Workspace Marketplace is an online store for web apps that integrate with Google Apps and with third party software. Easily browse and install free or paid apps that integrate with Google Workspace.

It’s a feature that allows you to pull data into a spreadsheet from a different Google Sheet. Importrange will allow you to import any range of data from one spreadsheet into another. Type =IMPORTRANGE into a cell in sheets, and you’ll be asked to fill in the spreadsheet key and then the scale of data you’d like to import.

Smart Compose
The Smart Compose feature is powered by machine learning and offers suggestions as you type. You can enable or disable Smart Compose in your Gmail settings, and when enabled, you can hit tab and accept autocomplete suggestions based on language you’ve used in previous emails.

Google Forms
Collect and analyze data efficiently by easily writing and building surveys and receive immediate feedback from your customers, employees and more. The information is collected and automatically connected to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is populated with the survey and quiz responses.

Branded Templates
Branding is everything. It’s advisable to invest in a quality graphic designer to create on-brand templates for your business communications and save all the templates in Drive. Your teams can easily access the templates when they need to write official communications.

Business Dashboard 
Google recently announced the incredible new Work Insights dashboard that allows users to learn how Google Workspace is used within your organization. Dashboard helps leaders identify areas where Google Workspace’s apps are being used to ameliorate collaboration and efficiency, and departments who aren’t taking advantage of Google Workspace’s full capabilities.

Stay tuned for more Google Workspace hacks! 

Have any questions about these Google Workspace hacks? Get in touch with our Google experts to learn more about the many features of Google Workspace.

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Google Workspace: The Perfect Solution for Realtors

Google Workspace: The Perfect Solution for Realtors

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Google Workspace offers a versatile, collaborative and secure suite of cloud-based tools and applications that can be accessed anywhere, on any device, at any time – even in the absence of an internet connection. Virtually every industry has a plethora of success stories and use cases for how they leverage
Google Workspace for their business needs – this article is focused on the Real Estate sector. Here are some of the primary ways that Real Estate firms are leveraging Google Workspace:

  • Flexible billing options
  • Collaboration tools 
  • Secure document sharing
  • Advanced spam filtering 
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Flexible billing options

When customers purchase their Google Workspace licenses through Premier Cloud, they have the ability to decide what payment plan that works best for them, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, annually or a custom payment option. For businesses and industries that experience regular fluctuations in their workforce, Google’s monthly (flexible) option is ideal. This pay-as-you-go model allows for customers to scale up & down without any penalties and no long-term contracts – you only pay for what you need, when you need it with Google Workspace, which is rare in today’s marketplace of productivity tools where annual contracts are the standard.

Collaboration tools 
Collaborate on Docs, Sheets and Chat in real time; quickly find space on everybody’s calendar, and run meetings from anywhere. Keep your team connected with premium video conferencing through Google Meet built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure. Meet is included with Google Workspace.

Secure document sharing
With Google Workspace, you’ll enjoy instant and secure file storage and sharing through Google Drive. You’ll have access to unlimited Document Storage (Business or Enterprise licenses) and Powerful Document Search powered by Google.      

Advanced Spam Filtering
Google Workspace offers industry-leading AI powered security solutions, reducing the risk of data breach by over 95%. Google’s built-in spam filter is the most sophisticated and effective on the market. Compared to Microsoft’s 97% spam rate, Google is sitting at 99.9%. 

Real estate agents are always working on their phones and meeting clients around town. This on the go activity runs the risk of exposing your company or client data through the loss or mishandling of devices. Real-estate companies are the current lowest-hanging digital fruit for cybercriminals. The FBI claims that real-estate companies are specially targeted in these attacks and every participant in the real-estate transaction is a possible victim. With Google Workspace, it’s easy to set user and device level data protection from the admin control panel, which will instantly make this relatively frequent corporate data security concern a thing of the past for your business. Google Workspace surpasses the most stringent privacy and security standards. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enterprise-level data security included in your low monthly fee when you choose Google Workspace.

Our Google experts will assist you in selecting the best Google Workspace plan for your Real Estate business.
Call us at 888-866-2230, or email us

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Are You Attracting The Top Digital Natives To Your Team?

Are You Attracting The Top Digital Natives To Your Team?

  • Productivity

The future of your company demands agile cloud systems 

An entirely new generation of employees are entering the workforce. These employees are often referred to as digital natives.
This generation expects their applications to be easy to use, intuitive and accessible. They swiftly move between applications, meaning they are application agile.

The COVID pandemic has brought to light on the numerous limitations that come with most legacy systems, especially as teams are forced to work remotely. Many on-premise legacy systems cannot be accessed remotely without needing to invest in expensive workarounds or implementing VPNs.

So what is the ideal solution to outdated in-house servers?

Cloud software runs on cutting-edge data centers, constantly updated and upgraded by the cloud providers, and offers instant access to applications from any internet-connected device, from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. You don’t have to be in the office, or even connected to the office via a VPN. 

Why move to the cloud?

The main benefits of switching from on-premises to a cloud-based infrastructure revolve around its flexibility, reliability, security and of course, cost-savings. It will remove the headache of having to maintain and update your systems entirely.

Not all cloud-based applications are the same

There are many cloud-based applications to choose from and depending on your business needs, it can be difficult to decide which will work best for your organization. When deciding on your new cloud-based productivity suite, including email, many consider Google Workspace to be the top choice.

Not only can Google Workspace increase collaboration, productivity and security, it lowers operating costs, and it will modernize your infrastructure to appeal to the latest generation of digital natives who have been using and loving Google Workspace for years. We are currently living in a time of crisis and crises drives innovation. Get in touch with the team at Premier Cloud and let us help move your company forward with Google Workspace on Google Cloud.

To learn more about Google Workspace productivity tools and apps, speak with one of our Google experts at 

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Collaboration on the Cloud: Improving Remote Team Productivity

Collaboration on the Cloud: Improving Remote Team Productivity

  • Productivity

The majority of remote workers report that they feel their most productive when working remotely; in fact, around 77% of remote workers report greater efficiency in remote team productivity when working off-site, with 30% accomplishing more in less time. 

Remote work is enhanced further by the right collaborative tools. Has your team collaborated on the cloud yet?

Remote Collaboration on the Cloud

Collaboration is integral to your company’s growth and success.

Collaboration requires an agile environment that ensures ease of function, security and reliability across locations and devices. Employees are able to collaborate more effectively with real-time editing in Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other tools, contributing feedback from anywhere on any device. The ease of collaboration also leads to a reduction in the number and length of meetings, allowing employees to stay focused on active work. Additionally, in Google Workspace, all software and security updates are processed automatically so workers no longer experience lengthy and inconvenient disruptions to keep devices and hardware up to date. It gives workers better access to data to inform decision making, and sparks a cultural change toward embracing innovation. 

Empower your employees during these unprecedented times with Google Workspace’s collaborative tools.

To learn more about how Google Workspace’s Productivity apps can benefit your teams’ remote work experience, send our Google Experts a message

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Why is Google Cloud a Perfect Solution for a Deskless Workplace?

Why is Google Cloud a Perfect Solution for a Deskless Workplace?

  • Productivity
  • Technology

The world is rapidly moving to an increased focus on the deskless workplace and cloud workers.

There are numerous benefits when you harness the full capabilities of Google Cloud. 

Here are the first four benefits of Google Cloud computing:

There’s a massive risk when corporate data is placed outside of your company. When employees or teams are using hardware or software that hasn’t been approved for use by your IT department, otherwise known as shadow IT, the security of your organization is at risk. Shadow IT may transpire if your IT department is slow to approve a request, or when workers don’t know they need to make a request. The Google Cloud offers stronger protection against unmitigated shadow IT risks and other security vulnerabilities. The cloud offers many tools that can help your IT team track unauthorized applications and extensions, individual user usage and more.

When teams are struggling with slow servers, bad network connections, hard drive failures and so on, they are focusing more time on getting the system to function than to use it to innovate. The Google Cloud is designed for innovation through integrated avenues for communication and collaboration in Google Workspace. On Google Workspace, teams have easy and quick access to shared docs, slides, sheets, chats, hangouts and video conferencing tools rather than using a file that only allows one user to edit it at the same time. When teams are more productive, they have the opportunity to be more creative.

Faster business decisions and collaboration
You miss out on key business deals when you can’t quickly access the data you need to make key business decisions. Operations within a Google cloud become much more fluid due to easily accessible data. Your information is stored securely in the cloud and accessible from any device, from anywhere in the world at any given time. With Google’s Offline mode, you don’t even need to be connected to wifi.  As a result, team collaboration is improved. More than one person can access cloud-based documents at the same time and work together in real-time to edit them and comment with each other in chat features.

Cost effective
If you’re employing legacy processes and procedures, you could find yourself in technical debt. Your budget is allocated to maintaining older capital equipment, and your IT department’s time is spent managing these servers. The Forrester report from 2019 revealed that over a three-year period, payback on investment would occur within the first 12 months post-migration. Results of interviews of eight Google Workspace customers indicated top-line revenue growth at an additional $12.9 million after transformation and total end-user and IT productivity gains totaling $23.6 million. The total ROI was 331%. 

Get in touch with our team of Google Experts to learn more about Google Workspace productivity tools and Google Cloud computing. Call us 888-866-2230 or email us at

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