Cost Optimization

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Unlock the full potential of cost savings and efficiency with Premier Cloud on Google Cloud. Our expert solutions are designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their cloud expenditure.

Cloud Cost optimization often gets little attention from Google Cloud users. To help businesses not lose track of their cloud spending, our cloud architects implement effective strategies built on the principles of FinOps to manage, optimize, and reduce cloud costs.

Principles of FinOps

Cloud FinOps is a comprehensive approach that fosters financial responsibility and collaboration among teams to optimize cloud spending and maximize value.

Encourage financial accountability

Foster a culture of cost-consciousness by educating users and ensuring cost visibility across the organization

Enhance cost visibility

Establish a unified cost calculation method and real-time spend dashboards for enhanced team ownership and accountability

Planning and forecasting

Revamping budgeting, forecasting, and chargeback methods to facilitate iterative, innovative, and cost-efficient development approaches.

Focus on business value

Utilize cost management strategies such as leveraging managed services, aligning cloud usage with business metrics, and implementing unit costing

Utilizing cost optimization tools

Implementing and integrating a collection of cloud cost management tools to ensure the efficient tracking and management of cloud spending.

Our strategy

Compute optimization

  • Increase resource efficiency by targeting idle/underused items
  • Pinpoint high costs using Google's labeling practices
  • Improve resource use with custom scheduling and provisioning
  • Optimize performance with autoscaling per business trends

Serverless & API optimization

  • Right-size serverless CPU and memory allocations
  • Shift functions to Google services for cost and performance
  • Profile functions for cost and API consumption insights
  • Review API usage patterns for cost-efficient workflow optimizations

Data & storage optimization

  • Improve data retention with lifecycle controls
  • Utilize storage classes for cost-effective data movement
  • Use services like Cloud Storage or BigQuery for cost-efficient data strategies

Cloud Cost visibility

  • Explore financial specifics using detailed billing reports and Looker dashboards
  • Regular reviews ensure budget precision and adjustments
  • QBR meetings highlight forecasts, promoting informed financial decisions

Learn how data and AI can help your organization to optimize costs

Download the cost optimization ebook to discover the capabilities of data and artificial intelligence in cost optimization and uncovering new streams of revenue

Cost optimization with Premier Cloud goes beyond cutting your cloud expenses; it's about utilizing the vast array of Google Cloud services in a cost-efficient way that aligns with your business objectives

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