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AODocs is the only business process platform tightly integrated with Google Drive’s collaborative, user experience-focused system, allowing organizations in all industries to easily implement their business-critical processes. Whether it's through automated workflows, controlling documents, or meeting compliance requirements without burdening users, AODocs can handle it.
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Break information silos and add intelligence to your content with a platform that is born in the cloud

The future of content services

Designed for your business, by your business. No code necessary.

Easy process automation

Reduce human errors with easy-to-configure business workflows involving your employees, suppliers, clients, contractors, and partners.

Intuitive user experience

Boost your team's productivity thanks to our intuitive user experience and integration with Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Seamless integration

AODocs is designed to seamlessly integrate with all of your information systems.  Every AODocs feature is available as an API.

AI-driven capabilities

Leverage Google AI’s data extraction capabilities to transform your unstructured content into structured data while gaining new insight on your business.

Accelerate your business with a cloud content services platform

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