Google Partner Expertise

Google's Partner Expertise designations are reserved for partners that have demonstrated their technical capabilities through customer success based on product, solution, and industry.
About Premier cloud expertise

Premier Cloud is trusted to support hundreds of thousands of users across North America

Migrate to Google

Step #1 to benefiting from Google's cloud platform is to migrate legacy infrastructure and workloads.

Ongoing support

Receive ongoing 24/7 Google Workspace support for all admins & end-users within your organization. 


Share your business objectives and/or pain-points with our team and we'll endeavor to find or build a solution using Google technology.

Work with our team of Google Cloud experts

Premier Cloud has achieved 16 Expertise designations from Google to date.

Customer Success Manager

We'll introduce you to your CSM on Day 1. They'll be your main point of contact to assist with all aspects of account management throughout your Google journey.

Exclusive promotions

By working with Premier Cloud, you'll have access to exclusive discounts and promotions for your Google Workspace licenses and other associated Google services.

24/7 technical support

Customers that purchase their Google Workspace licenses through Premier Cloud receive unlimited 24/7 support for all admins & end-users across the entire organization. 

Team-wide access to Admin Plus

Get free access to Premier Cloud's proprietary add-on for Google Workspace, designed to help admins better manage their organization's Google Workspace environment.

Certified Google Cloud experts are just a phone call or email away

When customers purchase their Google Workspace licenses through Premier Cloud, they receive unlimited 24/7 technical support for everyone within their organization at no additional cost.

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