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Seamlessly Migrate to Google Cloud with Certified Experts

Whether you are migrating to Google Workspace or Google Cloud Platform, embarking on a cloud migration journey can be daunting, but with Premier Cloud by your side, the process becomes a well-executed strategy.

Digital Transformation, simplified

SMB and Enterprise businesses look for solutions that help gain a competitive edge and accelerate innovation. A lot of them are turning to cloud technologies that give them more time to focus on their business instead of losing time on managing their infrastructure.

Change Management, mastered

We help clients manage the change that comes with migrating away from antiquated legacy systems that people are familiar with. Our Change Management services are offered so that a lack familiarity would not be a barrier to hold organizations back from utilizing new & improved technology.

Zero data loss,

Our tried and true migration methodology ensures absolutely zero loss of corporate data. We don't technically 'move' the data from Point A to Point B - we simply make a copy of it. In other words, your data is never at any risk of being lost when Premier Cloud is handling your migration.

Google Cloud Platform Migration

Navigate migration intricacies by working with a deep roster of cloud deployment engineers.

With multiple strategies and challenges to achieve a migration to Google Cloud, our technical team will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives to prescribe the best-suited approach to your cloud migration.

By leveraging our Managed Migration Service to move to Google Cloud, businesses will enjoy:
  • Improved cloud performance, security, scalability and agility
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased confidence in your cloud infrastructure
  • Powerful computing, storage, and data analytics capabilities
  • Maximized cost efficiency by paying only for what is needed, reducing IT costs

We've got you covered,
every step of the way


We offer an 'Environment Scan' as part of our Pre-Migration Assessment. This enables us to fully understand the project scope so we can establish a cloud roll-out strategy to share with your team, outlining each phase of the migration to ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.


Our seasoned experts will handle all aspects of your migration to ensure a seamless transition. After moving your data, applications, and workloads to Google Cloud with precision, we work with you to optimize your cloud environment for peak performance and cost-efficiency. 

Google Workspace Migration

It goes without saying your company data is invaluable, so trust the experts to handle it.

Executing a seamless ‘Lift & Shift’ migration requires expertise that can only be gained from experience. Premier Cloud has been involved in some of the largest enterprise migrations to date:
  • Our migration process does not ‘move’ data from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’; it simply makes a copy of it. As such, your data is never at risk of being lost in transit.
  • We’ve seen it all – from Office 365, Rackspace, Lotus Notes, IMAP, and everything in between; we can help regardless of your current platform.
  • Our Change Management Service ensures sky-high user adoption, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Discovery Phase

A discovery call with a Migration Engineer to best understand the project scope, provide a quote, and finalize a migration strategy with your team.

Data Migration

We migrate all of your internally owned company data from the source environment to the destination environment with a zero data-loss guarantee.

Go-Live Date

We will complete any DNS changes to help you go live with Google. Our 24/7 support team will ensure a seamless transition for your organization.
Premier Cloud offers support with migrating, setting up, integrating, customizing, and providing technical support for Google business products like Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace

Already on Google?
We've got you covered

If you don't require any migration services, consider transferring your licenses to Premier Cloud to ensure you're receiving the most value for your money spent:
  • Receive a range of value-added services, including unlimited 24/7 technical support for all admins & end-users at no additional cost above the license fees
  • Life-time access to Premier Cloud's Licensing Portal to seamlessly purchase licenses through a self-serve portal, designed to maintain a fluid workflow and have licenses provisioned right when you need them
  • Price Match Guarantee - Google is 'Partner Agnostic', meaning you won't get forced into working with a reseller purely for a financial incentive; you get to go with the partner that best fits your business needs


Executing a seamless 'Lift & Shift' migration requires expertise that can only be gained from experience. Premier Cloud has been involved in some of the largest enterprise migrations to date.

We're transparent about our process from start to finish, so you can move forward with the assurance that you'll be in-the-know at all times.

"As Premier Cloud does not move the data from Point
A to Point B, they merely make a copy of the data,
both SaaSOptics and Chargify end-users were able to
continue working as they normally would, unaware that
a migration was even taking place in the background.
This was crucial as there was no disruption to users
workflow, and they could focus on their day-to-day

Shane Fritts
IT Manager, Maxio

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