Beat the clock: Consolidate UA-3 Data Before the July 1, 2024

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Alex Shahbazfar
Premier Cloud
April 30, 2024

In March 2022, Google announced the retirement of Universal Analytics, setting a timeline for businesses to transition to Google Analytics 4. Universal Analytics properties stopped processing new data from July 1, 2023, and access to historical data will not be available after July 1, 2024. This makes it imperative for users to take ownership of their data using BigQuery and Looker.

Why is it Important to Migrate Your UA-3 Data

If you don’t migrate your data, you will lose access to your historical data. This service ensures the preservation of historical analytics data that will no longer be available after the cutoff date. With a focus on maintaining data ownership and providing advanced analysis through BigQuery and Looker, Premier Cloud supports strategic business decision-making during this pivotal analytics shift.

What is Premier Cloud’s UA-3 Data Migration Service?

Our UA-3 data migration service can preserve your UA-3 data. We do this by extracting your Universal Analytics data to store them in BigQuery, and using Looker to visualize reports in a tailored but familiar manner.

Benefits of Using Premier Cloud’s UA-3 Data Migration Service

  1. Data Migration & Preservation: Securing and transferring data to GA4, ensuring that historical analytics remain accessible and actionable.
  2. Customized Analytics Solutions: Utilizing Looker, the service offers tailored data models, reports, and dashboards to meet analytical needs.
  3. Ownership and Control Over Data: Providing direct access to BigQuery allows businesses to retain control over their data, supporting informed decisions and compliance with data security standards.

Learn more about Premier Cloud’s UA-3 Data Migration Service

To learn more about, and get started with Premier Cloud’s UA-3 Data Migration Service, go to:


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