Why is Google Cloud a Perfect Solution for a Deskless Workplace?

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Why is Google Cloud a Perfect Solution for a Deskless Workplace?
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Ryan Brady
Premier Cloud
October 5, 2022

The world is rapidly moving to an increased focus on the deskless workplace and cloud workers.

There are numerous benefits when you harness the full capabilities of Google Cloud. 

Here are the first four benefits of Google Cloud computing:

There’s a massive risk when corporate data is placed outside of your company. When employees or teams are using hardware or software that hasn’t been approved for use by your IT department, otherwise known as shadow IT, the security of your organization is at risk. Shadow IT may transpire if your IT department is slow to approve a request, or when workers don’t know they need to make a request. The Google Cloud offers stronger protection against unmitigated shadow IT risks and other security vulnerabilities. The cloud offers many tools that can help your IT team track unauthorized applications and extensions, individual user usage and more.

When teams are struggling with slow servers, bad network connections, hard drive failures and so on, they are focusing more time on getting the system to function than to use it to innovate. The Google Cloud is designed for innovation through integrated avenues for communication and collaboration in Google Workspace. On Google Workspace, teams have easy and quick access to shared docs, slides, sheets, chats, hangouts and video conferencing tools rather than using a file that only allows one user to edit it at the same time. When teams are more productive, they have the opportunity to be more creative.

Faster business decisions and collaboration
You miss out on key business deals when you can’t quickly access the data you need to make key business decisions. Operations within a Google cloud become much more fluid due to easily accessible data. Your information is stored securely in the cloud and accessible from any device, from anywhere in the world at any given time. With Google’s Offline mode, you don’t even need to be connected to wifi.  As a result, team collaboration is improved. More than one person can access cloud-based documents at the same time and work together in real-time to edit them and comment with each other in chat features.

Cost effective
If you’re employing legacy processes and procedures, you could find yourself in technical debt. Your budget is allocated to maintaining older capital equipment, and your IT department’s time is spent managing these servers. The Forrester report from 2019 revealed that over a three-year period, payback on investment would occur within the first 12 months post-migration. Results of interviews of eight Google Workspace customers indicated top-line revenue growth at an additional $12.9 million after transformation and total end-user and IT productivity gains totaling $23.6 million. The total ROI was 331%. 

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