Premier Cloud Earns Google Cloud Premier Partner Status

Premier Cloud Earns Google Cloud Premier Partner Status
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Premier Cloud
November 27, 2023

VICTORIA, British Columbia–Premier Cloud Inc., today announced that it has advanced to Google Cloud Premier Partner status – a designation that represents the highest status a Google Cloud Partner can achieve.

Premier Cloud specializes in helping businesses leverage the unparalleled power of Google Cloud. Having been involved in some of the world’s largest migrations to date, Premier Cloud supports hundreds of thousands of end-users & admins across North America.

The advancement to ‘Premier’ status is a result of a multi-year business plan that focuses heavily on Google Workspace migrations. Leading up to this achievement, Premier Cloud earned multiple ‘Expertise’ designations through Google Cloud by displaying customer success in categories such as Small & Medium Business, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial Services, Google Cloud Productivity, and Work Transformations.

“The team is extremely proud to be named a Google Cloud Premier Partner. It highlights our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards to our clients and further strengthens our long-standing partnership with Google Cloud,” said Farsheed Azad, Premier Cloud’s President & CEO.

Looking toward the future, Premier Cloud plans to double down on its investment in Google Cloud and expand its footprint in the Google Cloud Platform and application development space. With their new ‘Premier’ designation, one thing is certain, for Premier Cloud, the sky’s the limit.


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