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Ryan Brady
Premier Cloud
November 27, 2023

Mossy Oak Properties – a brokerage of land specialists connecting buyers and sellers of rural property with professional real estate brokers, recently made the decision to modernize their IT operations by migrating to Google Workspace. Burdened by obsolete spam filters, spoofing issues, and a lack of advanced security tools, a change was necessary. Premier Cloud was trusted to migrate the email data of approximately 700 employees across 95 offices and 28 states in less than 45 days – all while fulfilling their guarantee of zero data loss and no downtime.

“Premier Cloud made the seemingly daunting migration process very streamlined, and they were very helpful in assisting us and our team members. That level of support has continued to this day. We highly recommend Google as an email provider and Premier Cloud as a migration and ongoing support partner.” – David Hawley, Director of New Business, Mossy Oak Properties.

Why Google Workspace?

Google Workspace offers industry-leading AI powered security solutions, reducing the risk of data breach by over 95%. Google’s built-in spam filter is the most sophisticated and effective on the market. Compared to Microsoft’s 97% spam rate, Google is sitting at 99.9%. Utilizing AI, Google also has the lowest false-positive rate at around 0.05%, compared to Microsoft’s 1%. Google Workspace offers 2-step verification, advanced phishing & malware protection, in-depth reporting, and much more.

In addition to leveraging these security features, Mossy Oak Properties has armed their staff with cloud-based collaboration tools that enable ‘America’s Land Specialists’ to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time. 

Why Premier Cloud?

Premier Cloud is an established Google Partner that specializes in helping businesses migrate to Google Workspace. The team has been involved in some of the worlds largest migrations to date and currently provides support to hundreds of thousands of end-users across North America. 

Renowned in the industry for their best-in-class Google Workspace Support & Customer Service, Premier Cloud provides support for numerous multinationals, government agencies, educational institutes, medical associations and multiple globally recognized corporations, many of which are featured on Fortune 500.
Organizations that are looking to ‘go Google’ seek the expertise of Premier Cloud for their Cloud Migration services. Customers feel a certain degree of relief knowing that their entire staff will have unlimited 24/7 Google Workspace Support during and after their migration.

“We take our commitment to delivering world-class work transformation solutions to our clients very seriously. We’re proud of the success we’ve had migrating and acclimating our clients to Google Workspace’s productivity apps. Our team of Google experts always strive to exceed our client’s expectations and ensure they have a pleasant and positive experience.” – Farsheed Azad, President & CEO, Premier Cloud Inc.

The Results

Premier Cloud and Google worked in tandem to execute a seamless migration to Google Workspace, on-time and on-budget. With declining customer support from their previous email provider, Mossy Oak Properties utilized Premier Cloud’s end-user support services to assist with Change Management and ongoing user adoption. With Google’s industry-leading security features and unrivaled spam filtering, the challenges they faced on their previous email platform are now a thing of the past.

Is your organization facing similar challenges? The Google experts at Premier Cloud can help you plan and achieve the best long term solution for your business.

To learn more about how Google Workspace’s robust security solutions can benefit your organization, contact us:


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