Landing Zone Design

Start your cloud journey with a custom-designed landing zone

Our cloud engineering team is dedicated to streamlining your transition to Google Cloud, configuring the platform to align perfectly with your business

Elements of a Landing Zone


Identity & Access Management

Onboarding users to Google Cloud securely and efficiently, including identity provisioning options, architecture decisions, and strategies for consolidating existing user accounts

Resource Hierarchy & Policies

Structuring your resources on Google Cloud by taking into consideration your organization's requirements, compliance, and future events

Network Design

Choosing the right network design based on factors including centralized or decentralized control, security requirements, and scalability


Taking important security measures such as service account key management, data exfiltration mitigation, continuous monitoring, and more

Our cloud architects and cloud engineers at Premier Cloud will continue to support you beyond the design of your landing zone, ensuring that you are maximizing the use of the designed environment to meet your goals and elevate your business with Google Cloud

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