Google Workspace Hacks for Small Businesses

Google Workspace Hacks for Small Businesses
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Ryan Brady
Premier Cloud
October 5, 2022

Google Workspace can improve workflows, collaboration and security. There are many useful features that the average Google Workspace user is unaware of.

This quick-read is designed to help you leverage the full capabilities of Google Workspace’s productivity apps with these helpful tips!

Google Workspace Marketplace
Google Workspace Marketplace is an online store for web apps that integrate with Google Apps and with third party software. Easily browse and install free or paid apps that integrate with Google Workspace.

It’s a feature that allows you to pull data into a spreadsheet from a different Google Sheet. Importrange will allow you to import any range of data from one spreadsheet into another. Type =IMPORTRANGE into a cell in sheets, and you’ll be asked to fill in the spreadsheet key and then the scale of data you’d like to import.

Smart Compose
The Smart Compose feature is powered by machine learning and offers suggestions as you type. You can enable or disable Smart Compose in your Gmail settings, and when enabled, you can hit tab and accept autocomplete suggestions based on language you’ve used in previous emails.

Google Forms
Collect and analyze data efficiently by easily writing and building surveys and receive immediate feedback from your customers, employees and more. The information is collected and automatically connected to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is populated with the survey and quiz responses.

Branded Templates
Branding is everything. It’s advisable to invest in a quality graphic designer to create on-brand templates for your business communications and save all the templates in Drive. Your teams can easily access the templates when they need to write official communications.

Business Dashboard 
Google recently announced the incredible new Work Insights dashboard that allows users to learn how Google Workspace is used within your organization. Dashboard helps leaders identify areas where Google Workspace’s apps are being used to ameliorate collaboration and efficiency, and departments who aren’t taking advantage of Google Workspace’s full capabilities.

Stay tuned for more Google Workspace hacks! 

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