Google Workspace and Google Meet: Some Updates

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Google Workspace and Google Meet: Some Updates
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Ryan Brady
Premier Cloud
October 5, 2022

Google Cloud has launched several new features in the wake of the work transformation surrounding Covid 19. Leaders are realizing the necessity of selecting the best productivity and collaboration tools.

Here are some updates to Google Workspace and Google Meet that will enhance your workplace.

Integrated Workspace

Google Cloud has brought email, chat, voice, and video together. Having all of these channels amalgamated within Gmail will allow your teams to focus on relevant work as opposed to endless searching and bouncing from app to app. Google Cloud is making the collaboration features in Chat rooms even better by adding shared files and tasks. Teams will be able to open and co-edit documents with their colleagues without leaving Gmail, making real-time collaboration even more intuitive and easy. The new integrated space will also allow your teams to work seamlessly with third-party applications like DocuSign, Salesforce, and Trello. 

Find the Right Information Quickly

For most employees, roughly 20-30% of the work week is spent searching for information. To help boost productivity, Google Cloud has expanded Gmail’s search capabilities to include Chat which is an incredible time saver.

Move Easily Between Channels

Teams can swiftly join a video call from a chat, seamlessly forward a chat message to their inbox, easily create a task from a chat message, and more. Teams are able to communicate and collaborate more fluidly and thus more efficiently.

Google Meet Updates

Google Meet is making remote work easier in the following ways:

Customizable and Blurred Backgrounds

Google Cloud will be making it easier to blur out your background, or replace it with an image of your choosing to avoid navigating meetings from with kids playing in the background, or an embarrassing pile of laundry in view.

Larger Meeting Size and Layout

Google Meet’s new selection of layouts ensure teams can better see who, and what is necessary to see in meetings. The addition of the tiled layout in April gave users the ability to see 16 other participants in a meeting as well as content that’s being shared at the same time. More improvements are being developed that will enable participants to see up to 49 other participants at once. 

Other developments coming soon:

Meeting Attendance: This feature will give meeting hosts a way to see who is attending their meeting.
Hand Raising: This feature will enable users to “raise their hands” when they have a question or something to say during large meetings and thus increase participation.
Breakout Rooms: This feature will make it easy for large meetings to split into smaller groups, and reconvene once finished. 

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