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Modernize your infrastructure with Google Cloud

Take advantage of the advanced features integrated into Google Cloud, from artificial intelligence to streaming analytics.

Compute Engine

Google's Compute Engine provides a secure and customizable compute service that enables the creation and running of virtual machines (VMs) on Google's infrastructure.
  • Compute Engine's diverse range of VMs and its comprehensive management tools provide flexibility and efficiency in migrating VMs, optimizing resource utilization, and deploying new applications.
  • Premier Cloud will help choose between different types of VMs and manage them effectively to run your workloads in ways that best suit your needs.

Migrating VMs

Embarking on a cloud migration journey signifies a pivotal shift from your current infrastructure to an optimized environment leveraging Google Cloud's robust offerings. This transformation is not a singular event but a strategic progression through four definitive phases:


We begin with a comprehensive assessment to gain a deep understanding of your existing environment, assessing which workloads are being migrated and which VMs could support them. This involves inventorying your apps, identifying dependencies, calculating costs, and benchmarking performance to lay a solid foundation for migration.


In this phase, we set up the basic infrastructure for the VM migration. This phase encompasses setting up your identity management, resource hierarchies, project structures, networking, and crafting a migration strategy that aligns with your organizational goals.


We start transitioning your workloads to Google Cloud with a systematic deployment process. During the migration, we may fine-tune your infrastructure to accommodate new demands, ensuring a seamless integration of your workloads into the cloud.


This phase is focused on maximizing efficiency in performance, cost, scalability, and integrating next-gen tech like AI and machine learning to help your business drive innovation.

Greenfield Deploymets

If your organization wants to set up its Google Cloud infrastructure without using any previous workloads, our team can help build your infrastructure from scratch by building your custom-design landing zone.

Elements of a Landing Zone


Identity & Access Management

Onboarding users securely and efficiently, including identity provisioning options, architecture decisions, and strategies for consolidating existing user accounts

Resource Hierarchy & Policies

Structuring your resources on Google Cloud by taking into consideration your organization's requirements, compliance, and future events

Network Design

Choosing the right network design based on factors including centralized or decentralized control, security requirements, and scalability


Taking important security measures such as service account key management, data exfiltration mitigation, continuous monitoring, and more

Network Services

Premier Cloud  provides an extensive array of networking services for a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure. This enables businesses to establish connectivity, modernize their operations, incorporate technologies like advanced AI and automation, and much more.

Some of Google's networking products include:
  • Cloud Connectivity: This includes high-performance options like Dedicated Interconnect and Partner Interconnect, Cloud VPN for lower volume needs, and direct and carrier peering options, ensuring uptime and flexible VPN solutions​.
  • VPC: Enables provisioning, connection, or isolation of Google Cloud resources, with features like granular IP address range selection, routes, firewall, Cloud VPN, and Cloud Router​.
  • Cloud DNS:A scalable, reliable, programmable, and managed DNS service running on Google's infrastructure, offering authoritative DNS lookup and domain management.​

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