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Mastering cutting-edge technologies like generative AI is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and staying ahead of the curve. As tools like Gemini for Google Workspace reach the peak of their innovation, leveraging their capabilities can ensure your organization rides the wave of generative AI and doesn't fall behind. Gemini offers transformative capabilities that significantly enhance workflows in large organizations. 

How Gemini for Google Workspace can empower your organization


Bring compelling visual ideas to life

  • Transform Ideas into Visuals: Use words to describe your creative vision, and Gemini will generate a variety of original image options to enhance presentations and pitches.
  • Accelerate Product Design: Create initial visual representations of products by describing their features. 
  • Enhance Presentations: Customize your slides with detailed illustrations, vector graphics, or stylized photos. Gemini will create visually appealing content based on your prmpt.


Increase seller productivity

  • Help me Write: Assists in drafting customized outreach, follow-up emails, and cold emails in Gmail, allowing sellers to focus on relationship management.
  • Summarizing Sales Calls: Summarizes hours-long sales calls on Google Meet, using the content to prompt follow-up messages in Gmail within minutes, helping to track all customer conversations and save time on email writing.
  • Efficient Communication: Provides summaries of email threads in Gmail, keeping everyone informed about next steps.


Use Gemini as a research tool

  • Use Gemini to ask for information, identify trends, and generate opportunities. Brainstorm new ideas, summarize mountains of research, explore data trends, and much more
  • Brainstorm new ideas, summarize mountains of research, explore data trends, and much more


Streamline task & inventory management

  • Getting Started with Gemini in AppSheet: To begin, install the Gemini in AppSheet app and prompt it with "Help me create an inventory management app supporting product SKUs and inventory information." Gemini will then construct the inventory management app, design a user-friendly interface, and securely deploy it across your frontline teams.
  • Benefits of Using Gemini in AppSheet: This capability is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to streamline their inventory processes without extensive coding knowledge. By leveraging AppSheet with Gemini, you can automate and simplify inventory tracking, ensuring real-time updates and accurate data management.

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Gemini Business

AI-powered assistant for teams of all sizes

$20 USD per user/month, one year commitment

  • Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet
  • Enterprise-grade data protection
  • Access to Gemini with 1.0 Ultra, Google's most capable AI model widely available today
  • Meets the needs of typical business users with monthly usage limits

Gemini Enterprise

Includes everything from Gemini Business plus

$30 USD per user/month, one year commitment

  • Advanced meetings with translated captions in 15+ languages
  • AI to automatically classify and label data to preserve confidentiality 
  • Full access to generative AI capabilities

AI Meetings and Messaging

$10 USD per user/month, one year commitment

  • Automatically captures and summarizes meeting notes, making it easy to track discussions and action items
  • Real-time translated captions and transcriptions, facilitating communication across different languages
  • Generative backgrounds and studio effects on Google Meet

AI Security 

$10 USD per user/month, one year commitment

  • Automatically identifies, classifies, and labels sensitive files in Google Drive, enhancing data  security
  • Provides ongoing analysis and monitoring of files and activities to ensure compliance and data protection.
  • AI-driven security solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different organizations

Benefits of enabling Gemini with Premier Cloud


Certified Team

Our team consists of Google-certified experts trained to maximize your return on investment in Gen AI. We know how to implement generative AI solutions effectively

Exclusive Promotions

By working with Premier Cloud, you'll have access to exclusive discounts and promotions for your Gemini licenses and associated services, while benefitting from personalized support from our team. 

Google Cloud Partner

As a Google Cloud Partner, we know all about Google Cloud. We can easily integrate Gemini with your business data, allowing you to interact with and understand your data better. 


We have worked with many different customer use cases for Gemini. This experience allows us to provide practical advice on how your team can use Gemini effectively. 

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