Does your company have the best tools to optimize remote work?

The way we work is rapidly changing. During this crisis, many companies have realized the benefits of remote work and are considering continuing with it for a substantial part of their workforce even after the crisis wanes.

Remote work is the new normal and it’s critical that businesses and organizations have the right tools in place to enable their remote teams to be collaborative and productive.

Not all remote tools are created equal. Most legacy systems aren’t built to teams connect and collaborate in real time.

Google Workspace offers a seamlessly integrated workspace, providing robustly secure video conferencing and modern collaboration. Improve communication, share content with confidence, stay organized and collaborate within and outside of teams and departments.

Human interaction takes place in Google Workspace video conference calls and also in real time collaboration on a document, chat, spreadsheet, or presentation; before, during and after meetings. Connecting face to face through Google Meet is integral to keeping employees engaged regardless of distance. Google Workspace helps companies foster a more connected and productive culture, bringing teams closer together during these unpredictable times. 

Navigate change by transforming your company through Google Workspace

Migrating to Google Workspace is a risk free endeavour. The expert team at Premier Cloud can have your organization up and running in a short period of time.

Advanced Google Meet video conferencing capabilities are available at no cost to Google Workspace Basic and Business accounts until September 30th, 2020.

Let our team of experts at Premier Cloud help you navigate and innovate through the new normal, wherever you are on your cloud journey. We’ll assist you in determining the best long term strategy for your teams, clients and communities. 

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