Collaboration on the Cloud: Improving Remote Team Productivity

Collaboration on the Cloud: Improving Remote Team Productivity
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Ryan Brady
Premier Cloud
October 5, 2022

The majority of remote workers report that they feel their most productive when working remotely; in fact, around 77% of remote workers report greater efficiency in remote team productivity when working off-site, with 30% accomplishing more in less time. 

Remote work is enhanced further by the right collaborative tools. Has your team collaborated on the cloud yet?

Remote Collaboration on the Cloud

Collaboration is integral to your company’s growth and success.

Collaboration requires an agile environment that ensures ease of function, security and reliability across locations and devices. Employees are able to collaborate more effectively with real-time editing in Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other tools, contributing feedback from anywhere on any device. The ease of collaboration also leads to a reduction in the number and length of meetings, allowing employees to stay focused on active work. Additionally, in Google Workspace, all software and security updates are processed automatically so workers no longer experience lengthy and inconvenient disruptions to keep devices and hardware up to date. It gives workers better access to data to inform decision making, and sparks a cultural change toward embracing innovation. 

Empower your employees during these unprecedented times with Google Workspace’s collaborative tools.

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