Premier Cloud migrates 180 Brehob employees to Google Workspace

Premier Cloud was responsible for migrating 180 Brehob employees' historical data from Yahoo! Mail to Google Workspace while guaranteeing zero data loss and absolutely no downtime.

"Working with Premier Cloud made the switch from
Yahoo to Google Workspace absolutely seamless and
stress-free. This was the easiest transition we have
ever experienced with a major change like this. We
were able to turn the project over to Premier Cloud
and forget about it."

Bryan Smither
President, Brehob Corporation

The Challenge

Brehob's team faced significant challenges due to their reliance on outdated technology, which was a major hindrance to their productivity and collaboration. The existing systems in place did not support real-time collaboration, a critical factor in today's fast-paced business environment. This lack of real-time interaction and cooperation was impeding their ability to work effectively as a team. Additionally, they faced difficulties in seamlessly sharing and storing files, which is essential for maintaining a smooth workflow and ensuring that all team members have access to the necessary information.

Moreover, accessing data across multiple devices was a persistent issue, reflecting the limitations of their outdated technological infrastructure. In an era where mobility and flexibility are key, the inability to access data from various devices was not just an inconvenience but a significant barrier to efficiency and responsiveness.

Another major concern within the company was the reliability of their email system. There was a constant worry about email deliverability, with suspicions that not all emails were being received. This uncertainty surrounding communication was causing unease and inefficiency, further emphasizing the need for a more reliable and sophisticated system

The Solution

Google Workspace provided the ideal solution to Brehob's challenges. The Chat feature within Workspace ensured reliable internal communication, giving employees confidence that their messages were always delivered. Google Drive offered a streamlined cloud storage solution, accessible on any device, which significantly enhanced flexibility and organization. This accessibility proved especially valuable for remote and mobile work, allowing employees to stay connected and productive from anywhere.

Additionally, the extensive mobile features of Google Workspace addressed the need for on-the-go accessibility, further facilitating a flexible work environment. With these tools, concerns about missing important messages or being out of the loop were effectively eliminated. Google Workspace not only resolved Brehob's immediate communication and data accessibility issues but also transformed their overall workflow, making it more efficient and cohesive.

Google Cloud product used: Google Workspace

Gmail is the classic browser based email system that just works, no matter which platform or device you access it on.

The Result

180 employees at Brehob smoothly transitioned to Google Workspace, facilitated by Premier Cloud's expert migration services. This seamless shift was further supported by the 24/7 end-user support included with their license purchase. This comprehensive support ensured that any queries or issues encountered during the transition were promptly addressed, contributing to a smooth and efficient adoption process.

The user adoption rate for Google Workspace among Brehob's employees has been exceptionally high. One of the key factors contributing to this success is the unlimited storage available across both their email and Google Drive. This feature has significantly enhanced their data management and accessibility. Additionally, employees are now extensively utilizing the full suite of apps offered by Workspace in their daily operations, which has streamlined workflows and improved productivity. The integration of these various apps into their day-to-day work has not only simplified processes but also fostered a more collaborative and efficient work environment.

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