Are You Attracting The Top Digital Natives To Your Team?

Are You Attracting The Top Digital Natives To Your Team?
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Ryan Brady
Premier Cloud
October 5, 2022

The future of your company demands agile cloud systems 

An entirely new generation of employees are entering the workforce. These employees are often referred to as digital natives.
This generation expects their applications to be easy to use, intuitive and accessible. They swiftly move between applications, meaning they are application agile.

The COVID pandemic has brought to light on the numerous limitations that come with most legacy systems, especially as teams are forced to work remotely. Many on-premise legacy systems cannot be accessed remotely without needing to invest in expensive workarounds or implementing VPNs.

So what is the ideal solution to outdated in-house servers?

Cloud software runs on cutting-edge data centers, constantly updated and upgraded by the cloud providers, and offers instant access to applications from any internet-connected device, from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. You don’t have to be in the office, or even connected to the office via a VPN. 

Why move to the cloud?

The main benefits of switching from on-premises to a cloud-based infrastructure revolve around its flexibility, reliability, security and of course, cost-savings. It will remove the headache of having to maintain and update your systems entirely.

Not all cloud-based applications are the same

There are many cloud-based applications to choose from and depending on your business needs, it can be difficult to decide which will work best for your organization. When deciding on your new cloud-based productivity suite, including email, many consider Google Workspace to be the top choice.

Not only can Google Workspace increase collaboration, productivity and security, it lowers operating costs, and it will modernize your infrastructure to appeal to the latest generation of digital natives who have been using and loving Google Workspace for years. We are currently living in a time of crisis and crises drives innovation. Get in touch with the team at Premier Cloud and let us help move your company forward with Google Workspace on Google Cloud.

To learn more about Google Workspace productivity tools and apps, speak with one of our Google experts at 


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