3 Considerations for a Smooth Transition to Google Cloud

3 considerations for a smooth transition to Google Cloud
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Alex Shahbazfar
Premier Cloud
December 6, 2023

Migrating to the cloud is essential for businesses looking to scale and innovate. Google Cloud offers a suite of powerful tools and services to propel your business into the future. However, before you embark on your cloud migration journey, there are three essential factors to consider, especially if you don’t come from a technical background. Premier Cloud is here to demystify the process and ensure your transition to Google Cloud is seamless and beneficial.

1. Understand your current and target environments

Firstly, it’s crucial to grasp the starting point of your migration. Are your workloads currently on-premises, which means all your hardware and software are physically located within your company? Or are you using a private hosting service where some of the infrastructure responsibilities are handled by a third party? Or perhaps you’re already in a public cloud space, looking to transition to Google Cloud for its specific benefits. Each starting point has its unique set of challenges and considerations.

In migrating to Google Cloud, Premier Cloud can assist in navigating these environments. We help you understand the level of control and responsibility you’ll have in Google Cloud, where Google handles the physical infrastructure and security, allowing you to focus more on innovating and less on maintaining.

2. Choose the right migration strategy

Your strategy will depend on the type of workloads you’re running. Are they legacy workloads, which might not be cloud-optimized and could require significant changes to reap the full benefits of cloud migration? Or are they already cloud-optimized, designed to be scalable and flexible within a cloud environment?

Depending on your workload, Premier Cloud can guide you through various migration strategies like:

  • Rehost (Lift and Shift): Move your applications to the cloud with minimal changes. Ideal if you want to keep things simple and move quickly.
  • Replatform (Lift and Optimize): Make some optimizations as you move to the cloud to benefit from the cloud capabilities without significant changes.
  • Refactor (Move and Improve): This is a more in-depth strategy where applications are altered to fit the cloud environment better and take full advantage of cloud-native features.

We’ll help you pick a path that aligns with your business needs and technical capabilities, ensuring a smooth transition.

3. Plan for security and compliance

Security and compliance should be at the forefront of your migration plan. While Google Cloud provides robust security measures, it operates on a shared responsibility model. Google takes care of the infrastructure, but the security of what you put on the cloud – your workloads and data – is your responsibility.

Premier Cloud helps you understand this model and supports you in setting up the right security protocols, ensuring your data is protected, and your migration complies with all relevant regulations.

Ready to migrate?

As a Google Cloud partner, Premier Cloud has the expertise to navigate these considerations, ensuring your migration to Google Cloud is a strategic move that empowers your business. We’re proficient in migrating workloads to Google Cloud and here to support you every step of the way – from planning to execution to optimization.

Remember, migrating to Google Cloud isn’t just a technical change; it’s a business transformation that opens a world of possibilities. With Premier Cloud, you can make this transition a reality.


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