Premier Cloud helps Rightway Healthcare leverage the robust security features of Google Workspace Enterprise

Migrating all of Rightway Healthcare's historical data from Office365 and Sharepoint into a newly provisioned Google Workspace environment.

"They have been quick to respond to employee
inquiries, and they have provided invaluable insight as
we've worked through org-wide change management.
It was very clear that Premier Cloud is extremely
experienced when it comes to G-Suite. If you're an
organization that's looking for expertise, great
customer support, and white-glove treatment, I can't
imagine a better partner than Premier Cloud."

David Selverian
Chief of Staff, Rightway Healthcare

The Challenge

Rightway Healthcare sought an expert implementation partner to facilitate their transition from outdated legacy systems to Google Workspace, aiming to address and overcome their collaboration challenges. The organization needed a robust solution that would enable seamless teamwork across diverse file formats, as employees were encountering significant difficulties in collaborating on spreadsheets, documents, and slideshows.

This requirement was not just about moving data from one place to another; it was about transforming their work culture to foster efficiency, creativity, and cohesion. The successful migration to Google Workspace was envisioned to streamline their operational processes, enhance productivity by allowing real-time collaboration, and unify their digital workspace into a single, user-friendly platform. This strategic shift was essential for Rightway Healthcare to eliminate existing bottlenecks in collaboration, ensuring a smoother, more integrated workflow across the entire organization.

The Solution

Premier Cloud and Google collaborated closely to guarantee a smooth and economical transition to Google Workspace, adhering to their promise of no data loss and zero downtime throughout the migration process. Google Account Executive, Pippa Saunders, played a pivotal role by securing a multi-year promotion, ensuring considerable annual cost savings for the Google Workspace Enterprise suite. This strategic move not only optimized financial efficiency but also significantly enhanced collaboration capabilities within the organization.

By leveraging Google Workspace's comprehensive suite of collaboration tools, the need for external third-party applications was eliminated, streamlining operations and fostering a more unified, efficient work environment. This integration of advanced collaboration features directly addressed and solved the pressing need for a more cohesive and interactive digital workspace, ultimately propelling the organization towards achieving its operational goals.

Google Cloud product used: Google Workspace

Gmail is the classic browser based email system that just works, no matter which platform or device you access it on.

The Result

The integration of video conferencing, email encryption, and unlimited Google Drive storage into Google Workspace significantly reduced operational costs by eliminating the dependency on most third-party applications. The advanced security features offered by Google Workspace Enterprise enabled seamless compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring that data protection and privacy were maintained at the highest levels.

This strategic upgrade to Google Workspace has dramatically enhanced employee collaboration across Rightway, facilitating a nationwide synergy that leverages the platform's robust capabilities. By harnessing the comprehensive tools and features of Google Workspace, Rightway has not only streamlined its operations but also fostered a more connected, efficient, and secure working environment, thereby maximizing productivity and fostering innovation across the organization.

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