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Neilson Marketing Partners with Premier Cloud for Google Cloud Migration

"Premier Cloud's team displayed unparalleled
expertise. They deeply understood our needs and
seamlessly migrated our system to Google Cloud."

Laura Farkas
VP of Operations, Neilson Marketing Services

The Challenge

Neilson Marketing Services was experiencing issues related to their infrastructure, which was proving to be unreliable and prone to frequent service disruptions. This instability in their system was a major concern, as it directly impacted their operational efficiency. Additionally, the company faced a dependency on external IT service providers, a situation necessitated by the lack of an internal IT team. This reliance further complicated their ability to manage and troubleshoot issues effectively and in a timely manner.

As we delved deeper into the project, it became apparent that there were more complexities to address. One of the key issues we uncovered was the insufficient documentation concerning their extensive business applications infrastructure and system. This lack of detailed records and guides made it difficult to understand the full scope of their existing setup and to identify areas that required immediate attention or improvement. This situation added another layer of challenge to the project, as it required us to not only address the immediate technical issues but also to develop a comprehensive understanding of their systems from the ground up.

The Solution

Working closely in partnership with the client and leveraging our strong relationship with Google Cloud, we embarked on a thorough assessment to identify their specific needs. This collaborative approach was crucial in understanding the unique challenges and goals of the client. By engaging directly with the client, we were able to gain valuable insights into their business processes, requirements, and expectations. Simultaneously, our expertise with Google Cloud enabled us to match these needs with the most suitable services and solutions offered by the platform.

Our proposed strategy involved a 'lift and shift' approach for their existing workloads to Google Cloud. This decision was made with a view to not just address their immediate needs but also to lay a solid foundation for future modernization and optimization in the cloud environment. The 'lift and shift' strategy was selected as it allows for a seamless transition of workloads to the cloud without the need for major modifications. This approach would enable the client to leverage the inherent benefits of Google Cloud, such as scalability, security, and reliability, right from the start.

Considering the client's current technological environment and their specific requirements, we believed that this solution struck the perfect balance between performance and cost. It was designed to optimize their operations without imposing excessive financial burdens. This balance was particularly important for ensuring that the transition to the cloud was both technically and financially viable for the client, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing while adhering to their budgetary constraints and performance expectations.

Google Cloud product used: Compute Engine

Google's Compute Engine provides a secure and customizable compute service that enables the creation and running of virtual machines (VMs) on Google's infrastructure.

The Result

Neilson Marketing has experienced a substantial upgrade in their business applications, achieving greater performance and agility. Users have noted significant improvements in app functionality, enhancing their overall experience. Additionally, the Neilson team has gained a deeper understanding of their app architecture.

Key to these advancements is the integration of Google's HTTPS Load Balancing, which has effectively reduced latency, optimized response times, and simplified SSL management. This improvement has contributed to a more efficient and secure user experience.

Moreover, our enhancements in the backup system have strengthened Neilson Marketing's disaster recovery process. The new backup solution ensures rapid recovery capabilities and robust data protection, providing a reliable safety net against data loss and maintaining business continuity.

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