Merging Google Workspace environments to help with Maxio rebrand

Premier Cloud was trusted to merge the Chargify and SaaSOptics Google Workspace environments into one. This included migrating hundreds of employees' historical data while guaranteeing zero data loss and no downtime.

"As Premier Cloud does not move the data from Point
A to Point B, they merely make a copy of the data,
both SaaSOptics and Chargify end-users were able to
continue working as they normally would, unaware that
a migration was even taking place in the background. This was crucial as there was no disruption to users
workflow, and they could focus on their day-to-day tasks."

Shane Fritts
IT Manager, Maxio

The Challenge

During the merger and rebranding of Chargify and SaaSOptics into Maxio, a critical task was the consolidation of their separate Google Workspace environments into a single unified system. This integration was essential for the client, as it would enable their IT team to manage the entire operation efficiently from one central Admin Console. The urgency of this integration stemmed from the need to streamline the administrative processes associated with onboarding new employees and offboarding departing ones.

By merging the two environments, the client aimed to eliminate the complexities and redundancies of managing two separate systems. This consolidation was not just a technical necessity but also a strategic move to reduce the administrative burden significantly. A unified Google Workspace environment meant that the IT team could oversee all operations with greater ease and coherence, ensuring a smoother transition for employees during the rebranding phase. This integration was a key step in ensuring that Maxio's IT infrastructure aligned with its new organizational structure and business goals.

The Solution

The successful execution of this crucial and time-sensitive project was achieved through collaboration with Premier Cloud, a professional and experienced implementation partner. Premier Cloud's team of expert Customer Engineers played a pivotal role in developing and finalizing a comprehensive migration strategy. This strategy was centered around the utilization of the CloudM Migration Tool, a solution renowned in the industry for its efficacy and reliability. Premier Cloud's expertise in leveraging this tool ensured a smooth and effective migration process, tailored to meet the specific needs and timeline of the project. This partnership and strategic approach were fundamental in navigating the complexities of the migration, ensuring a seamless transition that aligned with the project's objectives and deadlines.

Google Cloud product used: Google Workspace

Gmail is the classic browser based email system that just works, no matter which platform or device you access it on.

The Result

In just one week, Premier Cloud accomplished a significant milestone by seamlessly migrating the data of hundreds of users. This included information stored in both individual Google Drives and Shared Drives, moving it from the original Google Workspace environment to the new, consolidated one for Maxio. A key aspect of this migration was maintaining the integrity of all file ownership and sharing permissions, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to user access and workflows.

Additionally, during this process, users were assigned the appropriate aliases to align with the new organizational structure under Maxio. Furthermore, Maxio was established as the primary domain, marking a significant step in the unification of the two original Google Workspace environments. This meticulous approach to data migration and user reassignment played a crucial role in the successful consolidation of the digital workspace, essential for the smooth functioning of Maxio's operations post-merger.

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