Google Apps Script

Build apps and automate tasks, integrated into Google Workspace

There's nothing to install—get access to a code editor right in your browser. Create business applications that integrate with Google Workspace and other SaaS products.

Imagine. Create. Deploy.

Develop powerful solutions with ease

Deploy your solution quickly and easily on Google's highly secure and scalable platform.

Automate tasks

Write code that programmatically performs tasks across Google products. Scripts can be used to take your project to the next level.

Build unique apps

The possibilities are truly endless when leveraging Apps Script. You can create and deploy apps with ease and have the ability to integrate with Google and other third-party solutions. 

Low-code platform

Whatever your coding experience, Apps Script puts you in the driver's seat and provides all of the tools necessary to automate tasks with simple code.


Advanced developers can use the Google Workspace REST APIs to interact programmatically with users' emails, calendars, files, and other Google Workspace data.

Google Apps Script

Deploy your custom business solution across Google Cloud

Google Apps Script is a scripting platform developed by Google for light-weight application development in the Google Workspace platform.
  • Use Google Apps Script to write custom functions
  • Low-code platform makes it accessible, regardless of your experience level
  • Bring your vision to life using Google Apps Script

Try Google's cloud-based JavaScript platform

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