Premier Cloud helped Freshprep maximize their Looker instances

Premier Cloud helped the customer to benefit from the Looker instance they have. It helped them to create their reports in one place with a higher performance saving 80% of loading time.

Freshprep was able to retrieve data from their reports with no delays due to load time, in addition to centralizing their dashboards and insights in one single source of data.

The Challenge

The customer was paying for Looker but was unable to use it. Premier Cloud helped them develop the LookML models and create the dashboards they needed all in one place. It also helped them to reduce the wait time for the data to load by optimizing the queries. It also helped them to use the Marketplace models and the data governance and security features of Looker

The Solution

Premier Cloud embarked on a transformative journey with a client, aimed at significantly enhancing their data analytics framework. By meticulously creating new LookML models and refining existing queries, Premier Cloud not only improved the client's ability to glean insights from their data but also substantially boosted overall performance.

Recognizing the importance of user competency in leveraging these advancements, Premier Cloud dedicated efforts towards extensive staff training. This educational initiative ensured the staff were well-equipped to utilize the newly developed models to their fullest potential, thereby optimizing data-driven decision-making processes and maximizing the value extracted from their insights.

This comprehensive approach by Premier Cloud represents a holistic enhancement of the client's data analytics capabilities, promising a future of more informed and efficient operational strategies.

Google Cloud product used: Looker

The Result

Freshprep achieved a significant milestone in data management efficiency by implementing a system that facilitated instant access to report data, effectively eliminating delays traditionally associated with loading times. In addition to this, they undertook a strategic overhaul of their dashboard framework, streamlining the presentation and analysis of data.

By consolidating various insights into a unified, centralized data repository, Freshprep not only enhanced the overall management of their data but also significantly improved accessibility for users across the organization. This innovative approach has led to a more integrated and coherent data strategy, empowering Freshprep to make more informed decisions and optimize their operational workflows.

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