Encyclopaedia Britannica

Premier Cloud offers data solutions to Encyclopaedia Britannica

Premier Cloud helped the customer to migrate data from Google Analytics 360 to BigQuery and to create similar reports in Looker ensuring a smooth transition and readiness for the shutdown of GA360.

Encyclopaedia Britannica was able to see their data
backed up and safe in BigQuery. Additionally, they
were able to have similar reports as the ones they
were used to working with on the Google Analytics 360

The Challenge

Encyclopaedia Britannica faced the imminent shutdown of GA360, risking the loss of valuable data and the need for a familiar reporting interface for their users. Without the internal capabilities to undertake a complex data migration and visualization project, they turned to Premier Cloud for expert assistance.

The Solution

Premier Cloud adeptly addressed the challenge by facilitating the data transfer from GA360 to BigQuery, ensuring no data loss. They replicated the GA360 user interface within Looker by creating LookML models and designing nine dashboards to maintain user familiarity. The integration of Fivetran for historical data backup and the use of the Native Google connector for recent data underscored their technical prowess. The team's expansion to include additional dashboards for "Site Content" and "Events" in Looker further enhanced the analytical capabilities, offering a comprehensive view akin to GA360's functionality.

Google Cloud products used: BigQuery, Looker

The Result

The collaboration resulted in a seamless migration to BigQuery and Looker, preserving historical data and providing a user experience closely mirroring that of GA360. Encyclopaedia Britannica benefited from Premier Cloud's technical expertise, which allowed them to focus on their core activities without the burden of managing the complex migration.

This successful deployment not only safeguarded against data loss but also expanded analytical insights, demonstrating Premier Cloud's capability in delivering sophisticated cloud solutions tailored to client needs.

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