Premier Cloud smoothly migrates Chopra to Google Workspace

Premier Cloud facilitated's transition from Microsoft Office 365 to Google Workspace while ensuring no data loss and no user interruption. Premier Cloud also helped Chopra's users get acquainted with the new Google Workspace environment.

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Premier
Cloud. Our contacts for both technical and account
management always went above and beyond. Even
more notable was how friendly and pleasant, in
addition to capable, they all were. Thank you Premier
Cloud for a seamless migration!"

Jaime Rabin
Chief Culture Officer, Chopra

The Challenge

Chopr was at a pivotal moment, embarking on a venture to divide into two distinct businesses. This strategic move required a sophisticated transition, specifically moving a portion of their user base to a new Google Workspace Account. The challenge was multifaceted: they needed to transfer a comprehensive array of data, including emails, documents from OneDrive and SharePoint, calendar entries, contact lists, and more, all while ensuring there was no interruption to their daily operations. Adding to the complexity, the team was navigating unfamiliar territory with no prior experience in using Google Workspace, making them reliant on external expertise for a smooth and successful transition.

The Solution

Recognizing the complexities and critical nature of the task, Premier Cloud stepped in with a solution meticulously tailored to Chopra's unique needs. The initial step involved a close collaboration with the team to define precise migration goals and establish a timeline that would align with their business operations. This phase was crucial in ensuring a seamless transition with minimal impact on the ongoing business activities. Premier Cloud's approach was comprehensive, addressing both the technical aspects of migrating to a new digital environment and the human element of such a transition. They employed state-of-the-art tools and strategies for data transfer, meticulously planning each step to safeguard data integrity and security.

Google Cloud product used: Google Workspace

Gmail is the classic browser based email system that just works, no matter which platform or device you access it on.

The Result

The result of this collaboration was nothing short of remarkable. Premier Cloud successfully onboarded Chopra to a new Google Workspace account, a process marked by efficiency and precision. The migration was executed flawlessly, with no data loss and zero downtime, ensuring uninterrupted business operations for Chopra. Furthermore, Premier Cloud's role extended beyond just technical migration; they were instrumental in facilitating the transition of's workforce from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace. This was achieved through comprehensive training sessions designed to build confidence and enhance skill sets among the Chopra team, enabling them to utilize Google Workspace to its full potential.

Premier Cloud also assisted in setting up Shared Drives and Google Groups, which played a crucial role in improving departmental management and collaboration within Chopra. This successful migration and onboarding process marked a significant milestone in Chopra's evolution, laying a robust foundation for future growth and operational efficiency.

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