Centrifugal Electric

Premier Cloud supports Centrifugal Eelctric with their infrastructure modernization

Premier Cloud helped the customer reduce the time to realize the value of their investment in a new estimating application called ConEst. By leveraging GCP and Premier Cloud, they got their team onboarded on the application quickly

Centrifugal Electric swiftly deployed its application on
GCP, enabling immediate investment value realization.
Premier Cloud's contribution was instrumental in
deploying the required resources in the cloud

The Challenge

The customer, facing a significant technological hurdle, had no established infrastructure or a technical team capable of managing the deployment of essential resources in the cloud. This lack of in-house technical expertise and infrastructure posed a considerable challenge in leveraging cloud technology for their business needs. Recognizing these constraints, the customer turned to Premier Cloud for assistance. Premier Cloud was presented with the task of not just facilitating the technical deployment but also enabling the customer to concentrate on their core business activities without the added burden of managing the technical intricacies of their new application investment and deployment. This responsibility required a balance of technical proficiency and understanding of the customer's business requirements.

The Solution

Premier Cloud responded to this challenge with a comprehensive and tailored solution. They started by provisioning a new environment specifically for the customer. This environment was designed to allow the application vendor, ConEst, to seamlessly install their application. Beyond just setting up the environment, Premier Cloud integrated additional Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services to enhance the solution. This included utilizing scheduling and persistent disk snapshots, which were pivotal in providing necessary backup, access control, and cost optimization features. These integrations were crucial in making the solution not just functional but also ideally suited to the customer’s

Google Cloud product used: Compute Engine

Google's Compute Engine provides a secure and customizable compute service that enables the creation and running of virtual machines (VMs) on Google's infrastructure.

The Result

The outcome of Premier Cloud's intervention was highly beneficial for Centrifugal Electric. With the new application swiftly deployed into GCP, the customer was able to immediately realize the value of their investment. This quick and efficient deployment was a significant factor in their business continuity and growth. Furthermore, the users of Centrifugal Electric experienced easy and secure access to the application hosted in GCP.

Premier Cloud’s solution ensured that this accessibility did not compromise any security aspects, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the user data. The successful deployment and the immediate realization of the application's benefits underscored Premier Cloud's ability to deliver robust cloud solutions that are secure, efficient, and tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients.

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