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Premier Cloud supports Blueprint Prep with their Google Workspace Renewal

Premier Cloud was able to collaborate on a user audit and secure renewal pricing for Google Workspace ahead of Blueprint’s merge with

"Premier Cloud demonstrated meticulous collaboration
with our user auditing process. They helped eliminate
redundancies, which was crucial in streamlining our
user count and reducing unnecessary costs. Their
expertise in cost optimization and their tailored
approach to our buying process not only resulted in
significant savings but also enhanced the efficiency of
our workflow."

Daniel Montoya
Director, Blueprint Prep

The Challenge

The client was facing a significant hurdle in their digital infrastructure management. They had an inflated count of users in their system, which was not only inefficient but also costly. As they prepared for an upcoming migration, the need to streamline and consolidate their user base became paramount. Additionally, the client was highly sensitive to costs, making it crucial to find a solution that was both economical and effective. Premier Cloud was approached to tackle this challenge. They were tasked with the responsibility of not only reducing the client's user count to create a more efficient workspace environment but also to do so while securing and maintaining significant discounts, ensuring the client's financial constraints were adhered to.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, Premier Cloud initiated a strategic collaboration with the Google EdTech team. Through this partnership, they were able to expertly navigate the complexities of user counts and Workspace offers. This collaboration was key in devising a solution that met the client's needs for both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Premier Cloud's expertise in this area led to a successful negotiation of a 12-month contract renewal. This not only provided the client with a streamlined user base but also secured their relationship with Premier Cloud, resulting in the onboarding of a new and satisfied client.

Google Cloud product used: Google Workspace

Gmail is the classic browser based email system that just works, no matter which platform or device you access it on.

The Result

The outcome of Premier Cloud's intervention was multi-faceted and highly successful. They conducted an extensive user audit in close collaboration with the customer. This process was not just about reducing numbers; it involved a thorough due diligence to ensure that the consolidation did not compromise security and operational efficiency.

Premier Cloud's meticulous approach and attention to detail paid off. The audit and subsequent actions led to a confirmed 12-month service extension with the client, a clear indicator of the client’s trust and satisfaction with Premier Cloud's services. This extension was not just a business achievement; it was a testament to Premier Cloud's commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address specific client needs, balancing cost-effectiveness with operational efficiency and security.

The successful project showcased Premier Cloud's expertise in managing and optimizing digital workspaces, setting a benchmark for future client engagements

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