Empower your business with advanced data insights on Looker

In today's data-driven world, the right data management, processing, and visualization tools can set your business apart. Learn how Premier Cloud can help with your data needs with our specialization in Looker.

Google Cloud's unified business
intelligence platform

Discover insights and construct data-driven applications. Engage deeply with your business data through Looker. Beyond being a contemporary business intelligence tool, Looker offers both self-serve and managed BI options.

Access, analyze, and act on the up-to-date, trusted version of your data

Improve business decision-making with intelligent data access

Utilize Looker to build richer applications with embedded analytics

Looker Features


Centralized Data Source

Looker acts as a consistent data hub, enabling direct access for all, eliminating reliance on data analysts.

Consistent business Metrics

Looker ensures uniform metric definitions, preventing varied interpretations and confusion.

Semantic modeling layer

The SML acts as an interface between raw data and its users, streamlining complex datasets into an easily accessible catalog

How Premier Cloud can help

As a Google Partner, Premier Cloud is uniquely positioned to help businesses harness the full potential of Looker. Our expertise ensures seamless integration of Looker with other Google Cloud services, facilitating efficient data management and analytics. Leveraging Looker through Premier Cloud means benefiting from best practices, expert guidance, and a commitment to maximizing your business intelligence capabilities.

Why Google Cloud as a data platform?

Google Cloud's infrastructure, built on years of Google's technological expertise, promises unmatched speed and reliability for cloud data management. Its deep integration of AI and advanced analytics tools sets businesses on the path to immediate, actionable insights and business intelligence. Moreover, its commitment to an open-source ecosystem offers unparalleled adaptability, positioning businesses at the forefront of data innovation.

"Our main concern was the smooth and secure migration of all our data, especially as a company in the financial sector. Premier Cloud presented a professional and understanding team that showed interest in adapting to our businesses needs."

Simran Mander
Marketing Administrator, Clear Trust Mortgages

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