Take ownership of your Google Analytics UA-3 Data

Google Analytics is transitioning from Universal Analytics (UA-3) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), with UA-3 being phased out on July 1, 2024. This transition presents a critical juncture for businesses relying on historical data for insights and strategic decision-making.

Importance of Premier Cloud's Data Migration Service

  • Avoid Data Loss: Due to the phasing out of UA-3, there will be a permanent deletion of all UA-3 data, leading to a potential loss of important insights.
  • Transition: It's critical to understand that UA-3 and GA4 are completely distinct products, with no overlap or automatic transfer of data between them. Consequently, any GA4 property will only contain GA4 data upon its setup.
  • Preserve Historical Data: It is essential to take ownership of your UA-3 data before it's too late. We recommend BigQuery as a cost-effective way to preserve your historical data!

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Before you lose access to Universal Analytics historical data

Let us help you take ownership of your data by moving it out of UA-3 before July 1st 2024. This is an important process to avoid losing important historical data and retaining ownership of your data. Premier Cloud can also help recommend the best option for preserving and visualizing your GA data to important make business decisions.

Ready to secure your data?

To prepare for the UA-3 to GA4 transition without losing access to your valuable historical data, contact us. We offer a comprehensive service designed to secure your analytics infrastructure and data for the future.
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Benefits of using our solution


Data Migration & Preservation

Securely migrate all GA3 data to BigQuery, visualized by Looker, ensuring your historical data remains accessible and actionable.

Customized Analytics Solutions

Made possible with Looker, enjoy tailored data models, reports, and dashboards to meet your analytical needs,  in addition to the existing data available in UA3.

Ownership and Control over your Data

Migrating to BigQuery allows for direct access and control over your data, supporting informed decision-making and compliance with data security standards.

Overview of our service

Universal Analytics Timeline

In light of this deadline, we have demonstrated experience in helping customers migrate historical UA-3 data into Google's BigQuery, offering a solution that not only preserves your data but enhances its utility. This data is visualized using Looker to provide the same look and feel of UA-3 interfaces, along with added functionalities for an intuitive analytics experience.
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