Google Shared Drive: Harness Your Teams’ Productivity

Google Shared Drive: Harness Your Teams’ Productivity
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Ryan Brady
Premier Cloud
October 5, 2022

Want to truly harness your team’s full productivity potential? I would recommend investigating Google Workspace’s collaborative apps; Shared Drive in particular. I’ve saved you some time with this ultra quick read.

Google Shared Drive (formerly known as Team Drive) is a shared storage drive. All team or business members can create and store files within the Shared Drive and files can be personal and private or shared with the entire team. It’s easy to set up team drives for all the departments in your organization such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT, etc. and your teams are able to access all relevant training materials, resources, and project files quickly, collaborating in real-time rather than emailing different versions of the same files back and forth.

Team-Based Features

Equal File Sharing Rules: Everyone in the Shared Drive can see the same content.
Team-Based File OwnershipAny files stored in the Shared Drive are then considered owned by the team, and not under specific ownership of one person. This allows all documents to be developed. 
Easy to Add New Members: It is quick and easy to add new members in Shared Drive. 
External Sharing: External users can also be added to the Shared Drive. The contributions of external users is no different from regular additions to the Shared Drive. Anything contributed by external users is owned by the Shared Drive.
Easy Document Access: Access by all members is quick and easy. New users can be added in seconds and have access to all files immediately.
“Quick Access” File Searching: The Team Drive has a “Quick Access” feature that helps to find files quickly. This feature uses algorithms to identify documents, analyze trending topics.

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