G Suite: The Perfect Solution for Realtors

G Suite offers a versatile, collaborative and secure suite of cloud-based tools and applications that can be accessed anywhere, on any device, at any time – even in the absence of an internet connection. Virtually every industry has a plethora of success stories and use cases for how they leverage G Suite for their business needs – this article is focused on the Real Estate sector. Here are some of the primary ways that Real Estate firms are leveraging G Suite:

Flexible billing options
Collaboration tools 
Secure document sharing
Advanced spam filtering 
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Flexible billing options
When customers purchase their G Suite licenses through Premier Cloud, they have the ability to decide what payment plan that works best for them, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, annually or a custom payment option. For businesses and industries that experience regular fluctuations in their workforce, Google’s monthly (flexible) option is ideal. This pay-as-you-go model allows for customers to scale up & down without any penalties and no long-term contracts – you only pay for what you need, when you need it with G Suite, which is rare in today’s marketplace of productivity tools where annual contracts are the standard.

Collaboration tools 
Collaborate on Docs, Sheets and Chat in real time; quickly find space on everybody’s calendar, and run meetings from anywhere. Keep your team connected with premium video conferencing through Google Meet built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure. Meet is included with G Suite.

Secure document sharing
With G Suite, you’ll enjoy instant and secure file storage and sharing through Google Drive. You’ll have access to unlimited Document Storage (Business or Enterprise licenses) and Powerful Document Search powered by Google.      
Advanced Spam Filtering
G Suite offers industry-leading AI powered security solutions, reducing the risk of data breach by over 95%. Google’s built-in spam filter is the most sophisticated and effective on the market. Compared to Microsoft’s 97% spam rate, Google is sitting at 99.9%. 

Real estate agents are always working on their phones and meeting clients around town. This on the go activity runs the risk of exposing your company or client data through the loss or mishandling of devices. Real-estate companies are the current lowest-hanging digital fruit for cybercriminals. The FBI claims that real-estate companies are specially targeted in these attacks and every participant in the real-estate transaction is a possible victim. With G Suite, it’s easy to set user and device level data protection from the admin control panel, which will instantly make this relatively frequent corporate data security concern a thing of the past for your business. G Suite surpasses the most stringent privacy and security standards. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enterprise-level data security included in your low monthly fee when you choose G Suite.

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